Why is my payout marked as "Reserved"?

Sometimes EducationLink may not be able to pay you out, here's why you may see the word "Reserved".

On EducationLink, when you accept credit or debit card payments you can have balances in two states:

  • Pending: meaning the funds are not yet available to payout;
  • Available: meaning the funds can be paid out now.

Negative balances

Some actions, such as refunds and chargebacks, create negative transactions. If at all possible, EducationLink automatically offsets negative transactions against future payments to ensure a positive balance.

While an account's balance is negative, we cannot send you payouts to your bank. EducattionLink will resume sending payouts to you once the account's balance is again positive.

Understanding reserve balances

To ensure funds can be covered, EducationLink holds a reserve on your payment's available balance to cover any negative balances that may have happened (e.g. refunds).

Payout interval

To learn about the payout delay, check our article: What's the payout interval?

Payout delay

To learn about the payout delay, check our article: What's a payout delay?