What is the student profile? Where are the visa, passport, documents, quotes stored?

Everything related to the student, is stored in what we call "student profile". In this article we explain a little bit more about it.

The student profile is organized in many tabs, to keep all the data related to the student separated. Below we explain each tab:

Summary tab

The "Summary" tab displays a consolidate of the most important information about your lead or student.

Sales Pipeline

The current step of the Sales Pipeline of the student, displayed in a timeline, to help you manage the student's sales process.

Quick actions

Right below the Sales Pipeline, we have some quick actions, that change according to the student stage (if it's lead or client), and status (if it's onshore or offshore).

Quick update (left)

The most important and used fields of the student profile are displayed on the left, so you can quickly change it at any time.

Notes/Tasks/Email (right)

You can write notes, create tasks and send emails related to the student. The notes are easy way to store and remember everything that it's happening to the student, so in case you talk to them in the future you remember everything there is to remember and/or if an employee leaves your agency and they left notes, all this knowledge about what happened with the student is still retained within your agency.

Info tab

The "Info" tab stores every single piece of data regarding the student. Things like visas, passports, bank accounts, and addresses.

Quotes tab

Whenever you send a quote to a student, they will be listed here, they may be valid or expired already. To learn more about quotes, check our article: Listing all quotes sent to a student.

Sales tab

Every sale you made to a specific student will appear here. A sale is a product (course, accommodation, insurance, etc) that the student wants to pay/start to use it. Learn more about sales in our article: Selling a course to a student: adding a sale.

Documents tab

Every document of the student will be stored here. It's just like Dropbox or Google Drive, but integrated directly on EducationLink, check our article on the subject for more information: Upload and store student documents.

Emails tab

Every email exchanged with the student is stored here. Whenever you send an email via EducationLink the email gets saved automatically. If you are using the Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 integration, the emails sent from your own email account are also going to be saved here. For more information on this add-on, check our articles: Student emails: sending, storing and syncing with your inbox, Storing all your emails with students automatically within EducationLink.

Accounting tab

Every future and past payment of the student will be stored here, and here you can easily retrieve the payment receipts. This feature may be only available to users with certain roles (Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles.).