What happens if I cancel an installment?

After a sale was created, you can cancel the installment, this will affect how EducationLink calculates the sale, in this article you have more information.

To cancel an installment or to write-off an installment may be very similar, to learn more about write-offs, check our other article What is an installment/payment write-off?.

You should cancel an installment when it was created incorrectly, or for some reason, it's not valid anymore. The big difference between canceling installment and writing-it-off is that when y0u cancels the installment, EducationLink will warn you that the student is missing a installment so they can pay in full their tuition fee.

For example, if the total amount of the fees in a given sale is A$10,000 and you cancel an installment of A$1,500 the sale total (A$10,000) will remain the same, but if you write-off, it will become A$8,500.