Adding custom fields and storing more information about the student

You can add more fields in the student profile, such as WhatsApp number, or any specific preference.

In case you want to store more information about your leads and students you can add more fields to EducationLink. To do that, you can hover the mouse over the settings icon on the top-right corner, then click on "Agency settings" and choose the tab "Sales pipeline". At the top right section you will find the bottom "Edit custom fields".


The fields are added by the "Sales pipeline", which means if you have many sales pipelines you will need to add the fields for every one of them.

The same way you add fields to "Forms" (Using forms to add leads automatically), you can add fields to the student profile.

Available at

Some fields you may only want to show if the student is a lead or it's in a specific step of their lifecycle. You can change the field "Available at" to control when the field is going to be displayed.

Need help?

This is a somewhat medium to advanced feature/customization of EducationLink, get in touch in case you have any questions.