EducationLink preferences and settings

Change how EducationLink behaves by changing your organization's preferences.

EducationLink was created to be as flexible as possible, because of that you can change almost all of EducationLink rules and behavior, in this article, we explain what every different preference works.

To change any preference on EducationLink, follow the steps below (by going to "Agency settings", then clicking on "Preferences"):


General settings

The settings bellow manage the overall behavior of EducationLink:

Restrict payment generation to admin and managers?

Via EducationLink you can generate payments and payment receipts for the student. In case you don't want sales representatives to generate these payment receipts, you can restrict their access by turning this option "on".

To learn more about user roles, check our article Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles. To learn more about payments, check our other article Create payment receipts to students (PDF).

Restrict payment generation to products already sold?

EducationLink is capable of generating payments (Create payment receipts to students (PDF)) even for sales that have not been added to EducationLink itself. While we don't recommend turning this setting "on", you have the option to accept payments even without sales.

Note that this may skew your metrics, reports, and analytics.

Restrict who can delete courses?

Choose if sales representatives can remove the course/sales once they were added as a sale. This option can increase your level of security and audit capabilities, which is especially useful for large companies.

Generate payment when the installment is marked as paid?

Whenever you manually mark an installment as paid (only specific roles have access to do that: (Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles.), EducationLink can generate a payment (Create payment receipts to students (PDF)) automatically for you. This is useful for certain cases, mostly to make sure your accounting has always a payment entry for a student payment, even if your day-to-day way of working differs from the default of allowing the sales representatives to create payments.

Generate provider's invoice when the installment is marked as paid?

If this setting is "on", EducationLink will generate your commission invoice automatically whenever an installment is marked as fully paid (Create payment receipts to students (PDF)).

Generate future provider's invoices when the first installment is paid?

Whenever the first payment if a sale is made, EducationLink will create all future commission invoices in "draft". If you are using Quickbooks add-on, this will also sync the invoices to your Quickbooks account. This may help your accounting and finance departments to project future revenue with a fairly high degree of certainty.

Paid invoices are modifiable?

You can choose to allow the invoice to be editable after they were marked as "Paid". By default, this setting is "off", as it may be only useful for large agencies.

Paid installments are modifiable?

You can choose to allow installments to be editable after they were marked as "Paid". By default, this setting is "off", as it may be only useful for large agencies.

Amount of invoice items is modifiable?

You can choose to restrict the change of the amount of your invoices. As EducationLink can create your commission invoices automatically, changing the invoice's amount manually may have undesired effects in your account, due to the fact, that now the sale entry of the student has a different commission amount. This setting allows you to prevent these undesired effects.

The provider student number is required when adding a new sale?

The default of this option is "off". By turning it "on", your team will be only able to add sales with the "Provider student number". Learn more about adding sales with our article Selling a course to a student: adding a sale.

Enable the customization of payment plans in the quote?

EducationLink has a powerful tool to create quotes. If you want even more customization and control, you can turn this setting "on". By turning it "on", you will have the option to manually add payment plans to your quotes.

Enable the split option in the partial payment functionality?

EducationLink can treat partial payments differently depending on each case. By activating this feature EducationLink will start asking how you would like to handle partial student payments whenever you add a new payment.

Hide installment number in the invoice description?

If you would like to hide the installment number when sending commission invoices, activate this setting.

Restrict payments to be added one by one logically?

You can restrict your team to not add payments that are not supposed to be paid yet. For example, the student may have paid the first installment. If this setting is "on" and someone from your team tried to make as paid the installment number 3 (when it's supposed to be the installment number 2), EducationLink will deny the operation.

Require a Letter of offer when adding a sale with a course?

When this setting is "on", EducationLink" will only allow you to add a sale when the Letter of Offer has been added. To learn more about adding sales, check our article: Selling a course to a student: adding a sale.

Enable agency fees?

There are some fees that are not supposed to be paid to the provider (college, accommodation, etc), because they were just for your agency (e.g. credit card surcharge, internal fees, etc). If you have to deal with this type of scenario, activate this setting. EducationLink will then allow you to add fees when adding a payment (Create payment receipts to students (PDF)).

Manage and use your own insurance products (not using EducationLink to quote and buy insurance)?

EducationLink manages insurance prices and information. In case you want to do it yourself, activate this option. As soon as you activate this option no insurance will be displayed anymore, you will have to add the insurance providers and products yourself, follow this guide to learn how to do that: Adding, editing and removing providers.