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Searching and comparing accommodation

You can search, compare and create quotes with accommodation directly from EducationLink.

To search and compare accommodation is just like searching and comparing courses. On the left menu, click on "Accommodation". You will be redirected to a special page, where you can search, filter and choose any accommodation provider/room.

In the main - black - section of the page, you can type what you would like to find. Choose the country where you would like to find accommodations to automatically fetch accommodations of this country.


I didn't find accommodation, what should I do?

EducationLink relies on accommodation companies and its internal team to update prices. To make sure we always have the most up-to-date price possible, send it to us whenever you receive a new promotion.

You can send new prices and promotions via email to price-update@geteducation.link

How does EducationLink search works?

To learn more about how EducationLink search engine works, check this article out: Finding the most relevant courses and universities with machine learning.