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Comparing and buying insurance via EducationLink

You can compare and buy insurance via EducationLink, learn more how to compare and buy.

Health cover is sometimes required and sometimes optional, but always a good call. To compare and possibly buy insurance via EducationLink follow the step-by-step below.

Countries available

Currently, EducationLink supports only few countries, in case you need more, get in touch.

  1. Australia: compare and buy (OSHC);
  2. United states: compare;
  3. Canada: compare;
  4. Ireland: compare;
  5. United Kingdom: compare;
  6. New Zealand: compare.

Comparing insurance

EducationLink will display all insurance available to the country you choose. Based on the dates you select, you will also have a specific amount, which the student should possibly pay to get the certificate of the given insurance.


To get a quote/compare any insurance, you will need the following information:

  • Policy start date (required);
  • Policy end date (required);
  • Duration in months (optional);
  • Type (required);
  • Country (required).

Automatic insurance quote when creating a quote

EducationLink comparison of insurance integrates itself with the Quotes module. Whenever you are creating a quote, the insurance may be automatically calculated based on the dates of the quotes's courses you've selected.

Buying insurance via EducationLink: OSHC Express

You can choose to buy insurance via EducationLink (we call this functionality OSHC Express), in this case beware that it's only available for Australia's OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). When you choose to buy with EducationLink you do not need agreement with the insurers.

EducationLink will provide your commission just as usual. In general, due to the fact EducationLink have negotiated with the insurers for better commission rates, EducationLink is able to provide more commission than the norm.


Get in touch in case you want to have your commission matched or want more commission for your OSHC's certificates by scheduling a call with us: click here to check our availability.

The "Insurance" menu

The number of items inside of this menu may vary according your role (Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles.), in case you have full access you will see 4 (four) items:

  1. Quote & buy: You can search, compare and start the purchase process from this page.
  2. Students: Every student you ever bought insurance for will be listed here for your convenience.
  3. Insurance invoices: The invoices generated when you buy insurance from EducationLink are listed here.
  4. Commission invoices: EducationLink automatically generate your commission invoice, they will be listed here.

The status of the invoices above are automatically updated when a payment is made, commission is received, booking completed, and etc.

Need more countries?

No worries. Get in touch and we will arrange it for you.