Creating quotes in PDF

Learn how to create quotes for your leads/students, how to set the first payment of the student, choose a different layout, add visa expire date and holidays, change installments and more.

Quoting is the act of giving someone the estimated price of a job or service.

On EducationLink you can create new quotes at any time. You can search for courses, insurance, accommodation, and other services, add it to a quote and EducationLink will generate a PDF and will help you send it to the student.

A quote may take a few seconds-minutes to create, it depends on how detailed and how many changes you would like to do to the quote. EducationLink will try to help you suggesting approximated dates, amounts of payments and prices.


1. Choosing a student

Every quote must have a lead/student, why? Even though sometimes it's easier to send quotes without adding the lead/student to any CRM, it's really easy to lose track if the volume increase. Furthermore, no reliable reporting or analytics is possible, as it's not possible to know exactly how many leads there was in the period.

EducationLink allows you to create the whole quote without having the lead/student added to the system. But before you send the quote will you have to add the lead/student.

Below we show all the possible ways to add a student to a quote.

2. What type of quote do you want?

When you create a quote EducationLink will ask what type of quote you would like to create:

Different options:

When you want the student to compare different courses or options, that's the right type of quote. EducationLink will now that the courses should be displayed as comparison and will make it easy for the student/lead to do that: compare courses.

Study plan (package/pathway):

Sometimes you may want to create a quote, where you may have multiple courses, and each of these courses is being sold as a "package", that means: the student will enroll in each course one after the other. E.g.: the first course is an English course, the second is an undergraduate program and the third is a graduate program.

EducationLink will adapt itself to allow you to create the study plan the easiest way possible, EducationLink will also: calculate the first payment of the student, notify you in case the start date and end date of the courses have to overlap, will calculate insurance accordingly the total duration of courses and finally, EducationLink will adapt the quote layout to make it easy for the student to understand the quote.

3. Searching and choosing a course

Every quote should have a course. EducationLink allows you to search for the course just like you search on Google, plus it will calculate the prices automatically, given the student nationality, status (onshore/offshore), etc.


To learn more about how to search for courses, check out this article: Searching for courses

4. Adding insurance

You can add insurance (including health insurance such as OSHC) to your quote. EducationLink will try to calculate the prices automatically (if possible).


To learn more about Insurance (and/or how to buy OSHC in Australia), check our article: Comparing and buying insurance via EducationLink.

5. Choosing accommodation

To choose accommodation and to add it to your quote it's basically the same as adding a course. EducationLink will list all accommodation available, choose the one you would like to add to your quote by clicking on "Quote".


6. Visa fees

Visa, medical and other fees, related to the government are all available by clicking on "Government fees". Based on the course you selected, EducationLink will display the fees of the country you are quoting to your lead.

7. Final options

Before you can send the quote or get the PDF, you can select or change some of the options below:

  • Type: Here you can change the quote type. Refer to "2. What type of quote do you want?" to learn more about it.
  • Apparence (layout): You can choose the layout of your quote. By default, EducationLink has 5 different layouts, but your agency may have custom layouts too.
  • Currency: Send the quote in a different currency.
  • Visa expiry date: Some quote layouts may display the end date of their visa. EducationLink tries to calculate automatically, but you can always change it manually.

To learn more about how to change the currency and language: Sending a quote in a different language or currency.

Sending your quote via email, WhatsApp or WeChat.

When you click on "Generate quote in PDF" and the PDF has been successfully generated, you can send the quote via email, WhatsApp or WeChat. Just click on the option you would like.

To learn more about sending quotes via email, WhatsApp or WeChat check out this article: Sending a quote to a lead/student? Via email, WhatsApp and WeChat.