Transforming a quote in sale

After you've created a quote and the student has accepted it, you can seamlessly transform it in a sale.

Save time by transforming a quote you've created in quote with just few clicks.

Starting a booking/application

You can start the booking (e.g. accommodation, insurance, etc) and application to ed. providers directly via EducationLink. For in-depth information about how to proceed check out our application/booking article: Sending a booking or application/enrollment via EduLink.

Adding the sale (bypassing booking/application)

Transform a quote in a sale (skipping the application/booking process) choose the product you want and click in "Add sale". You can repeat this process until you've added all the products the student wants to purchase, for example: two courses (one english and one bachelor), visa fee, insurance and accommodation.

To learn more how to add a sale, with detailed explanation of the whole process, take a look in our article Selling a course to a student: adding a sale.