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Adding, editing and removing providers

Providers are how EducationLink manages any company that providers a product or service, such as: courses, accommodation and insurance. Here you see how to manage them.

Any product or service on EducationLink is attached to a provider. But what is a provider? A provider is any company that provides a service or product: colleges, insurers, accommodation companies, airport pickup companies, government, etc.

If you are an education agency

As an education agency you may offer services to your students. You may also want to add your own providers. EducationLink allows full and unrestricted managing of the providers you add. The capability of adding and managing providers is done by providing education agencies limited access to "EducationLink for providers" a completely new platform, focused in the service providers of the industry.

As an agency, you have the same tools to manage the provider information as the EducationLink team and as the providers using "EducationLink for providers".

The only difference is: whenever you - as an agency - adds or edits a provider, only your agency will be able to see it.

To manage your providers, hover the mouse over the gear icon on the top-right corner, and click in "My providers/services".

Note that EducationLink will ask you to re-authenticate. As you are now in a different platform. Also note that the URL that it's usually app.geteducation.link, became providers.geteducation.link, that's how you know that you are now in the EducationLink for providers.

You can now follow the below step-by-step on how to manage your providers just like if you are a service provider, because remember, you now have the same access.

If you are an education or service provider

Using EducationLink you can manage all aspects of your provider, independently of what type of services you offer.

Adding a new provider

As soon as you logged in to EducationLink, click in "Providers" in the main menu. A list of providers will be displayed (if you have any), click in "Add new provider" at the top right corner.

Fill up the necessary information:

  1. Public name: The name that will be publicly available to your agents and students;
  2. Status: If you choose "Public" every agent and student will be able to see this provider;
  3. One word alias: Sometimes the name is too long, and people end up using a nickname, add it here so EducationLink can properly index and display the correct provider when they search for courses and products.
  4. Type: The type of provider will define some specific behaviors EducationLink will have when helping you add products and etc.

Editing and managing your provider's info

After you've added a provider, you can change their info. EducationLink supports a lot of different options and settings. All of the options to edit/manage your provider is organised in tabs:


In this tab you will find everything related to the marketing aspects of your provider, in the left side, you will be able to change some basic info like name. The most important part of this page is the right side, where you will find:

  • Upload logo: You can upload a 1400x1400 logo.
  • Featured image: Upload a large image to be used whenever EducationLink has to display your provider when there is space for a feature image. Also used sometimes as "cover".
  • Slogan: You can add different slogans per language.
  • About us: You can add different "about" per language.
  • Website URL: The full URL of your website, e.g.: https://geteducation.link
  • Facebook Page URL: The URL of your Facebook Page.
  • Youtube Channel URL: The URL of your Youtube Channel.
  • Instagram user URL: The URL of your Instagram page.
  • Skype ID: The Skype ID for marketing purposes.
  • Average age: The average age of your students.
  • Since: The year you've been established.

Marketing copy: EducationLink has a specific section for your marketing copy, you can add any text you see fit to show the value proposition of your provider.

Images: Add images of your campus or stores.

Documents: Marketing documents to support your agents and show to your students.


Every course, room, and any other service you may provide is treated as a product. Depending on the type of product, EducationLink will handle it differently, but fundamentally, it's all products. This is important, as it allows you to sell any kind of product or service via EducationLink.

To add a new product click in "Add new" at the top right corner. Choose "Product".

Fill up the necessary information:

  1. Public name: The name that will be publicly available to your agents and students;
  2. Status: If you choose "Public" every agent and student will be able to see this product;
  3. Type: The type of product will define some specific behaviors EducationLink will have when helping you handling this product. Also it will change how EducationLink may display the product for agents and students.
  4. Locations: If you already have any location on file, choose the locations (or campuses) the product will be available.
  5. Agreement only?: Define if only agents with agreement with your provider will have access to this product.

Once added, the product will be listed in the "Products" tab. If you want to add more information to your product, or information specific to the product type (for "course", "insurance", "air ticket" and others, EducationLink have specific detailed information), just click in the "+" sign left to the name of the product.

Fees & promotions

EducationLink calculates the prices automatically, including promotion. So, when agents or even students search for your products, the fees of this product will be calculated automatically based on the specifications you've set.

To add a new fee, click in "Add new" and then choose "Fee".

What are price groups? Sometimes you have a specific price for a specific nationality or timeframe. With price groups it's possible to group the prices of a specific "marketing campaign". These price groups are used to organise your fees and make sure the agent understands how the price was calculated

When adding a fee, you will have the following fields in the form:

  • Type: The type of fee, it will be displayed to the agent and used often when creating a quote, adding sale, etc.
  • Amount: How much is the price for this fee.
  • All price groups?: If you are not organizing your fees with groups, choose "Yes".
  • Required: Some fees may be optional, if that's not the case, choose "Yes".
  • Recurring: Sometimes there is the need of setting the price by number of weeks. Choose "Yes" if that's the case for this fee.
  • Commission: Mark as "Yes" if this fee will be commissionable, for example, like tuition fee.
  • All locations: Mark as "Yes" if this fee applies for every location.
  • Currency: Choose the currency of the fee.
  • Comments: Any comment can be added here, and it will be displayed to agents.
  • Locations: Sometimes a fee is valid only for specific locations (or campuses), choose the ones you would like the fee to be valid for.
  • Price groups: If you are organising your fees in groups, select here which group you would like this fee to be part of.
  • Products: You can apply the same fee to multiple products, so if you have a fee common to multiple or all products, like material fee, choose all of them.

Adding a promotion: EducationLink can manage and calculate promotions automatically. Every promotion must be associated with a fee. After you added a fee, click in the "+" sign and then "Add promotion". EducationLink will ask for the following information:

  • Type: Promotions may have different types:
    • Buy X get Y free: When you want to do promotions like: Buy 10 weeks and get 2 free.
    • From X to Y discount: When you want to do promotions like: From 10 weeks to 12 weeks 20% discount;
    • From X to Y flat rate: When you want to have a fixed amount for the fee whenever the duration is inside the range chosen, example would be: From 10 weeks to 12 weeks $200 material fee.
    • From X to Y recurring flat rate: The same as above, but now the amount will be recurring, and will change accordingly the duration, example: Normal price is $250 per week, from 10 to 12 weeks the price is $230 per week.
  • Discount amount: The amount of the discount (affected by the type of the promotion);
  • Discount quantity step: The quantity step is ONLY used when the type is "Buy X get Y free", and it will tell EducationLink how many weeks the student has to buy so the promotion is valid;
  • Minimum quantity: The minimum quantity of weeks for the promotion to be valid;
  • Maximum quantity: The maximum quantity of weeks for the promotion to be valid (if no limit, set 999 weeks);
  • Start date: The start date of the promotion.
  • End date: The end date of the promotion.
  • Description: Any comment or description you would like. This may be visible to the agent or student.


Click in "Add new", then in "Location" to add a new campus if you are a college or store/country if you a re a different service provider. For example, if you are an accommodation provider, you can add all your houses and apartments as locations.

Business rules (Beta)

Business rules is a alfa stage feature that will allow you to set exact rules on how you want EducationLink to calculate your fees, installments, allow/deny bookings and more.

Training (Beta)

You can upload training videos to EducationLink, and they will be - soon - available to the education agents and/or students.