Managing the fees (price) of a course/product

EducationLink gives you the freedom of changing the prices (which we call fees) of any service or course.

Whenever you add a sale or a quote and you choose a course, insurance, or any other service you can easily manage this product fees (price).

What are fees? How do they change the price?

We are used to think about how much the student has to pay for something in terms of price: how much is the price of the course (tuition fee), etc. But most of the courses are composed of multiple fees, which then will become the total price, for example: tuition fee, application/enrollment fee, material fee, exam fee, etc.

To come up with the total price of a course or service EducationLink allows you to edit the fees of your product.

How to change the prices?

When you select a course or service (product) without any fees, you will have to manually add them. But most of the time, EducationLink will already have the price on file, when that's the case you can still update, remove and add fees.

To update the fee of a product you will always see the same window (modal), does not matter if you are adding a sale or a quote. We do that to keep as easy to learn as possible.

In this page you will be able to add as many fees as you would like from a pre-determined list of fees. Click in the button "Add new fee" to add the fee.


What about promotions?

When EducationLink has the price on file, it may contain the promotion of the fee. EducationLink will automatically calculate the promotion for you.

What if I don't find the type of fee I want?

We suggest selecting "Service fee" as it's a generic fee and to send an email to us so we can assess the possibility of adding the fee to the list of fees within EducationLink. Send an email to