Managing products: courses, insurance, airline tickets, accommodation, fees and more.

You can use EducationLink to manage any product you may have, including services.

EducationLink allows you to manage all your products, even products not directly owned by you. In the most basic way, every product is the same, but by choosing a specific type for you product, it will behave differently, for example, a product type course will appear in the course search, while a product type accommodation will appear in the accommodation search within EducationLink.

Possible type of products are:

  1. Course;
  2. Accommodation;
  3. Insurance;
  4. Airline ticket;
  5. Service;
  6. Government fee.

How to update products (courses/programs), universities (and colleges) and prices?

Well, that's easy, we've created another article just talking about that, take a look: Adding, editing and removing providers.

For more information about price update...

Check out our article: Price updates: how does it work?.