How to manage currency conversion (FX)?

EducationLink fetches the conversion rate for quotes, invoices and more automatically, but you can add a spread or manage yourself.

The automatic currency conversion of EducationLink supports 168 currencies and is updated every 10 minutes. But sometimes you want to manage yourself the currency conversion (currency fx) rate. For these cases, we have this functionality.

Hover the mouse over the settings icon on the top-right corner, and click on "FX management". Select the currencies you want (if you don't find a currency you want, let us know) and then add the conversion rates between them. All fields are optional.


Spread rates

If you don't want to manage the currency FX rate yourself, but still want to add a spread rate on top of the conversion, you can set the amount in cents in the right and then click "Update rates".

I can't find the currency I want!

That's not a problem. We usually don't show all the currencies, but contact us and we will display all the currencies you would like.