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How to delete quotes?

Sometimes you may want to remove a quote you've previous created, that's possible. Here we show you how.

In the somewhat rare situation, you want to remove the quotes you've created to a specific student you can head to the student page (How to find and search students?) and click on the tab "Quotes". Choose the quote you would like to remove and click on "Actions", you'll see the option to delete the quote.

Once removed, there's no way back. Also, if the student tries to access the quote via the link sent to them, it may not be accessible anymore.

I can't see the option to remove the quote!

Fear not. There are two situations EducationLink may not display the option to remove the quote:

  1. The quote was marked as "Chosen"; or
  2. You don't have permission to do that (check our article Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles. for more information.