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Giving colleges access for all your pending commission invoices

Via EducationLink you can give access to your partners so they always now how much commission is pending.

You can share your pending invoices, list of student's next payments and more with your partners (colleges). EducationLink generates an automatic, dynamic and interactive website, which you can send to your institutions and allow a deeper, more transparent and efficient collaboration.

How can I get this link?

EducationLink will generate automatically unless you choose not to. The link is generated when you add an agreement to a college. So, basically everything you have to do is to add your agreements, check our article on this matter: Manage your agreements/contracts with colleges, accommodation providers and insurers.

What can the institution do in this special page?

They have a read-only access to your accounting information of their college, so in summary they can see:

  • Student payments and status;
  • Invoices pending and paid;
  • Grouped invoices;
  • Quick analytics.