Templates: automating emails and quotes.

You can store commonly used emails and quotes and send them with a click of a button.

Every day you may have to send the same email or quote over and over again. By using "Templates" you can make this process several times faster and more efficient. Templates are predefined emails or quotes, that once saved are always available for you to use at any time. When you create an email template, you can also use it in our "Triggers" functionality, to learn more about "Triggers", head to our article: Creating automatic tasks, emails, SMS, and more: how to use Triggers.

Email templates

To access your Email templates, just click on "Marketing" in the main menu, then "Templates. Every user in the system can use email templates, but some templates may be restricted just to some. On this page you will see the email templates listed.

By default, when you create an account on EducationLink, we add 8 templates for you. You can remove, edit or add more templates, there're there just as an example and to make it easier for you to start using EducationLink.

You can use templates for:

  • Sending quotes easily, by creating an email template with the body of the email already pre-defined.
  • Sending payment reminders with the payment and amount of information automatically filled by EducationLink.
  • Sending welcome emails.
  • Sending follow-ups.
  • Sending customer surveys and post-sale questions.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Sending next steps, like enrollment and visa application.

How to create or edit an email template

To create an email template, click on "Add new" at the top and choose "Email". Fill up the required information presented on the screen, including your email. You can attach documents if you would like.


Templates in HTML

If you want to get fancy and have a full HTML email template, you can choose the option to upload an HTML file. In this case you may still want to use some tags (such as the name of the student) dynamically added to the email. Use the list below to add them to your code:

  • ${student.firstName}
  • ${student.lastName}
  • ${product.startDate}
  • ${product.name}
  • ${product.endDate}
  • ${user.profile.firstName}
  • ${user.profile.lastName}
  • ${student.dashboardUrl}
  • ${installment.number}
  • ${installment.dueDate}
  • ${installment.amount}
  • ${provider.name}

Quotes templates

If you send the same quote over and over again, create a quote template and cut the time to create a quote in 2/3. It works just like your email templates. In this page the quote templates will be listed and available in case you want to edit them.

Price updates are not applied to courses and services (products) saved in your quote templates. The same principle applies if you have students with different nationalities. The price may not be the correct for the given nationality. You should create or update the template to update the prices.

Quote appearance templates (Advanced)

EducationLink is capable to generate virtually any layout of the quote, as a matter of fact, many of EducationLink agencies have their own custom layout. If you would like to have your own quote layout you can send an email to your account manager at EducationLink.

Here's where your custom quote appearance layouts will appear. In case you want to customize your own quote layout for your Dynamic Quotes, check our article: Using Dynamic Quotes API to build your own Dynamic Quote.