How to login into EducationLink?

Easy to do, the login is the first step for you to use EducationLink.

You can login into EducationLink by going to our website ( or going directly to (

You will need an email and password to login. In case you don't have an account yet you will need a coworker with "Administrator" access to EducationLink to invite you or if you would like to create a new agency, you can sign up to a completely new account at

You can always search us on Google and find our website there.


Problems logging to EducationLink?

If you typed your email or password incorrectly, EducationLink will not allow you proceed and you tell you what you got wrong (either your email or password). In case you need to reset your password, follow our step-by-step in How to reset my password on EducationLink?.

EducationLink can't find your user?

This may happen either because a user with correct permissions have deleted your user. In this case, there is nothing you can do. You would have to access your manager or administrator of your EducationLink account to re-create your user.

Most commonly, you have requested the change of your email. If you completed the change of your email, you will not be able to login again with the former email you used to use.

How to login as admin into EducationLink?

Whenever you login, EducationLink will use the roles assigned to your user. To learn more about roles, check out this article: Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles.

Why can't I login with Google?

This happens when you haven't linked your account to Google yet. Because of that EducationLink does not know what Google account to use to log you in. To connect your account, go to your user profile in "My user profile" and click in "Connect to Google". More information is available in this page: How to update my name, picture, email and email signature?.

What may also have happened is that EducationLink's permission to your Google account has been cancelled. If that's the case, you would have to connect again and authorize EducationLink once more.