Customizing and creating sales pipelines

EducationLink allows full flexibility on how you work with sales pipelines. Here you have more information how to create, edit and remove sales pipelines.

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of the sales process and where your leads and students are in the purchasing process. Pipelines also provide an overview of a sales rep's lead forecast and how close he is to achieve their goal, as well as how close a sales team as a whole is to reach goals. This enables sales reps and sales managers to forecast the number and dollar amounts of deals that will close in a given period of time. For more information about sales, pipelines check our article What is the sales pipeline? Everything about sales pipelines on EducationLink.

EducationLink allows you to customize the whole sales pipeline. You can create multiple and edit the default one that comes with EduLink.

How to customize the sales pipeline?

To change, add or remove a sales pipeline is very easy. You have to head to "Organization settings" and click on the tab "Sales pipelines". In this section, you will have all the options and tools to manage your sales pipelines. You can change it at any time.


What are the "Main steps"?

Think of the main steps as the stages/steps your lead/student has to go thought for them to buy their course or another service (for example migration services) with you. In the "Main steps" you put all the main steps only, don't put the stages/steps if something goes wrong, such as visa rejections.

What are the "Exception steps"?

In this section, you can put everything that may go wrong with the buying process. For example, visa rejections lost to competitors or anything else you see fit. Whenever you update the student status to an exception step, EducationLink will ask you to provide a reason, so later you can generate reports on why you're not closing more deals.