What is the student portal? How to use it?

Give students access to your EducationLink. They have a special page where they can see future payments, documents, quotes and forms.

If you want to step up your game, one thing for sure you have considered is how to give the student access to their documents, to easily let them know about future payments, and more. With the student portal, you can accomplish exactly that.

EducationLink has a special page just for the students, which they can securely login and checks their next payment and more.



What students are able to do in the student dashboard?

They can:

  1. Check their next payment (EducationLink shows automatically the next 30 days of pending payments and overdue installments;
  2. If setup, they can see their available payment options;
  3. Their current step in the Sales Pipelines;
  4. If the student has a user assigned to them, they will be able to see their basic info and will be able to send an email;
  5. A summary of all their courses (past and future);
  6. A list of all quotes issued to this student;
  7. A list of all documents made available for them (it may contain their passport, confirmation of enrollment, visa, health insurance certificate, etc).

How to give the student access?

There are two ways:

Direct link to their own profile

Whenever you are in the student profile, right next to the "Add new" button, click on the "Student Portal". You can copy this link and send to the student. This link will always link to this student portal.

Login page of the Student Portal

Head to the "Dashboard" of EducationLink and in the top section called "Shortcuts" find the button "Student portal". This will be a unique link for your agency. It will take the student to a login page, where they can put their email and password and login to their page.

What about Facebook login integration?

EducationLink allows the student to log in with their Facebook account (in the future other social networks such as WeChat will be available). For the student to log in with their Facebook account they will need to:

  1. Log in at least one time with their email and birthday;
  2. Once logged in, to click on "Connect to Facebook";
  3. As soon as they are connected to Facebook, next access they will be able to login with Facebook.

When the students connect to their Facebook account, EducationLink will show their profile picture both on the Student Portal and in the student profile, just like the animation above.