Upload and store student documents

You are able to store unlimited amount of documents on EducationLink. See here how to do it.

Like Google Drive or Dropbox EducationLink can store your student documents: visa, passport, letter of offer, contract and any other document you want. And it's unlimited, store how many documents you wish.

To store documents you first need to add the student, to learn how to do that, check our article How to add students and leads to EducationLink?.

Open the student you've previously added (How to find and search students?) and click on the tab "Documents" right below the student name.


On this page, you're able to upload documents and organize them in folders, just like Google Drive. The documents are safely stored in EducationLink, on Amazon servers.

You can create as many folders as you would like, no limits!

When uploading documents to EducationLink

You will need:

  • Folder (optional): You can type the name of a folder to store the document into;
  • Document type: EducationLink categorizes the documents, so it can better help you;
  • Student visibility: You can set as visible to the student, and EducationLink will display this document in the Student Dashboard (What is the student dashboard? How to use it?);
  • Accounting only: Depending on what are the roles of your user (Restricting access to certain functionalities: roles.), you can set documents just for the accounting department.

Collecting documents with forms

You can use Forms to ask the student to upload your documents, check our article with more info: Using forms to add leads automatically.

Using the Student Portal to collect documents

Alternatively, you can use the Student Portal do get the documents from the student, check our article for more info: What is the student portal? How to use it?.