Listing, managing, updating leads and students

Learn more about how to list and manage your leads and students within EducationLink.

By default EducationLink will display your leads and students in a convenient and easy column-based layout, in case you want to see them in a list, you can also do it. In this article we talk more about these two ways of visualising deals, leads, students and the whole student lifecycle.

What is the student lifecycle?

From lead, to customer. From customer to renewing visa. What we mean about the student lifecycle is all the stages the student has to go through to start studying and get their visa. Once they finish their studies, the lifecycle re-starts, as they may now renew their visa.

EducationLink manages the whole student lifecycle. This is done by a feature called "Sales Pipeline". The important is: the sales pipeline is - essentially - every step the student has to go through to get their visa. These steps are completely customizable. But the default steps of EducationLink are:

  1. Inquired received;
  2. Counselling;
  3. Quotation sent;
  4. Application;
  5. Waiting for LOO;
  6. Payment pending;
  7. Waiting for COE;
  8. Apply for visa;
  9. Waiting for visa requirements;
  10. Waiting for visa;
  11. Visa granted;
  12. Course in progress.
This may vary according what was set up in your account. As a matter of fact, it may be completely different, but the same concepts apply.

The sales pipeline...

The above explanation, and the way EducationLink works is based on the most widespread best practices of sales teams, learn more about Sales Pipelines with this article: What is the sales pipeline? Everything about sales pipelines on EducationLink.

Viewing the student list as columns

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Viewing the student list as list

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