How to add students and leads to EducationLink?

Learn how to add leads and students to EducationLink.

In the day-to-day you may required to add students or leads. The easiest and most popular way of doing that is adding one by one, in case you have many students and want to add them all at once, follow this step-by-step: Adding many students at once.

Method 1

When in your "Dashboard" or homepage, you will see in the right side "Shortcuts" section. Click in "Add new student" to start adding a new student.


Method 2

In the left side, click in "Students". The menu will open and show different options, click in the first option (if you are using default settings of EducationLink, it will be "All students"). In the new page that will now be opened, click in the button "Add new student" in the right top corner.


Method 3 (automated)

You can use EducationLink's form functionality to link your website and automatically add students, to learn how to do that, follow this article: Using forms to add leads automatically.

Alternatively you can use EducationLink's Hubspot integration, learn more about it here: Integrating with Hubspot Marketing.

Method 4 (adding many at once)

If you have many students to add and no time, you can let EducationLink do it for you. Using "Add students in batch" functionality, you can drag and drop an Microsoft Excel or CSV file and EducationLink will add all the students in the spreadsheet.

Learn more about adding many students or leads at once here: Adding many students at once.