Importing students from an Excel spreadsheet

If you have the need of migrate your students to EducationLink or if you have a spreadsheet full of students, you can use this tool to add them in batch.

EducationLink allows you to add students one by one (commonly used in the day-to-day and in batch. To students in the batch is useful if you have one of these situations:

  • You had an event and now have a list of leads;
  • You are migrating from another system to EducationLink;
  • You collect leads from other sources not linked to EducationLink.

How do add students in a batch

In the main menu, click on "Students". You will see a list of sales pipelines, if you are using the default sales pipelines of EducationLink, you will see "All students". Click on "All students" or the sales pipeline you've created.

Click on "Add many" in the right top corner of EducationLink. You will see a page, asking you to drag and drop a CSV or Microsoft Excel file. As soon as you drop the file, EducationLink will ask you to classify all the students: every column will be listed with a preview of the data in the column, on the left side choose what EducationLink's field matches what you have in the given column.

As soon as you finish categorizing all fields, click to continue at the bottom. EducationLink will add all your students and generate a report of any student that failed being added.

Be careful with dates. Choose the date format of your spreadsheet to make sure EducationLink knows how to treat your dates. Example: DD/MM/YYYY means the dates in your spreadsheet has two digits for the day, two digits for the month and for digits for the year, like 14/07/1993.




How to separate the first name from the last name?

Sometimes you may have a spreadsheet where you only have the "full name", and EducationLink requires you to upload the name separately: First name, Middle name, Last name.

You can separate the last name from the first name by following this tutorial: How To Split Full Name To First And Last Name In Excel?

Can I have an example of a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can. Click here to download an example of a spreadsheet.