Creating custom payment plans (bundling multiple courses/products in one installment)

Sometimes you may have different payment plans than the college provided you. For these cases, you can create a custom payment plan.

This is a slightly more advanced feature, and we suggest before proceeding with this article to make sure you have a solid grasp of:

When to use custom a payment plan

In some cases, you may be selling multiple courses to your lead/student. Usually, these courses will have their own installments, and which installment with a due date. But sometimes that's not enough. Let's say you want to finance or give some sort of credit to your student (for example, in Brazil they can pay via credit card and have a special payment plan), in this case, you will probably want to have a specific number of installments, with a pre-determined amount. These installments may include multiple courses, services or insurance.

There are some markets, such as Brisbane in Australia, that can also benefit or using custom payment plans, especially when the student is going to do more than one course in the same college.

How to create a custom payment plan

Here we list the step-by-step on creating a custom payment plan:

1. Create a quote

It all starts by creating a quote. You can learn the in-depth of creating a quote in our article Creating quotes in PDF. Before sending the quote you will be able to create the payment plan.

Make sure you have activated the custom payment plan in the Preferences page of EducationLink, Learn more here: EducationLink preferences and settings.

2. Transform the quote in sale

After the quote was created, you can convert it on sale:


The process is basically the same as the one described in the article Selling a course to a student: adding a sale. In this case, we transform all the products of the quote in sale automatically, you can learn more how to do that here: Transforming a quote in sale.

3. That's it!

EducationLink understands all the installments that are on the same date and will group them automatically for you.