Creating automatic tasks, emails, SMS, and more: how to use Automation.

Automation is a tool of EducationLink to put your education agency on auto-pilot: flexible, powerful and automatic.

EducationLink is 100% flexible to the way you work. It's not the software's job to dictate how you work, but to adapt and improve your current workflows.

By using the "Automation" tool you can set actions, which EducationLink will execute automatically for you whenever something specific happens, e.g. "create a follow-up task whenever I send a new quote".


"Automation" is capable of firing a sequence of actions given a specific event. The possible automation events are (the ones in bold are the most popular):

  • When a new student is created via EducationLink;
  • When an email is sent;
  • When the student is contacted;
  • When the pipeline status has changed (What is the sales pipeline? Everything about sales pipelines on EducationLink.);
  • After any quantity of days after the student was added;
  • After X days of the last contacted date;
  • When a quote is created;
  • A sale of course or service was added;
  • The student paid the very first installment;
  • A new payment was created;
  • A booking/application has been started;
  • A booking/application has been finalized;
  • X days after the next follow up date;
  • Any quantity of days before a course start;
  • When an installment is due in any quantity of days;
  • After a few days of the course start date;
  • The visa is expiring in any quantity of days;
  • When a refund process is started;
  • After X number of days of the installment being due;
  • Any quantity of days before the flight of the student.

When any of these events happen, you can:

  • Create a task for a user or counsellor of the student;
  • Send an email to the student;
  • Send a text message to the student (SMS);
  • Change the student sales pipeline;
  • Change the step of the student in any given sales pipeline;

How does it work?

To set up and change an automation rule is easy, and you can create as many as you would like:

  1. You set the sequence of actions you would like EducationLink to take; and
  2. You choose the event that will fire these actions.

How to set up an automation rule


In the main menu (left side), click on "Marketing" and then click on "Automation". In this section, you'll be able to see a list of all current active automation in your account. Click on "New automation rule" at the top in the right corner to add a new trigger and fill up the necessary information.

When sending emails, what email address will be used?

Whenever EducationLink's Automation tool has to send an email, it will use the email of the counselor associated with the student.