Tracking your goals

You can track your internal goals, or goals that you have agreed achieve with colleges and other providers.

To let EducationLink track your internal goals is easy, it starts by adding them to EducationLink:

  1. Click in "Marketing" in the main menu in the left;
  2. Click in "Goals";
  3. The list of current active goals for the period at the top will be displayed, click in "Add new goal" to add a goal from scratch;
  4. The information you will need is:
    • Name: Give a friendly - internal - name for your goal
    • From date: The date EducationLink will start tracking this goal.
    • To date: The date EducationLink will stop tracking this goal.
    • Offices: The offices that will be participating of this goal.
    • Type: Goals may have different types (so you can track different things):
      • Total of sales ($): Track the total amount of tuition fee sold in the period.
      • Quantity of sales (#): Track the quantity of sales in the period.
      • Sales (in weeks): Track the total amount of weeks sold in the period selected.
    • Goal: Depending of the type above, the total of sales, quantity or number of weeks you want to sell.
    • Provider: If your goal is restricted to a specific provider, select them here.

EducationLink will start tracking your goal automatically. You can then generate reports to see your performance, to learn more about how to generate reports, go to this article: Generating reports.