Adding many agreements at once

You may have hundreds of agreements, use this feature to import them automatically.

Save time by adding your agreements all at once. We know you may have potentially hundreds of agreements/contracts. All it takes is a spreadsheet (XLSX or CSV) and three fields. EducationLink will find the college and add the agreement for you automatically, after the import, you will have a report of everything that was successfully added or that had an error. You can then edit your agreements manually, to learn how to manage your agreements head to our article Manage your agreements/contracts with colleges, accommodation providers and insurers.

Importing agreements from your spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet will need at least the fields:

  • College/institution name;
  • End date of your agreement (if non existent put a date in the future such as 01/01/2025);
  • Commission rate in percentage (E.g.: 0.3 or 30).
We developed this feature to help add your agreements, but it's important to note that this feature is not foolproof, the hardest part is to match the college names you have on your spreadsheet and the colleges we have in our database. It may not be a perfect match, we strongly suggest double-checking all your agreements once finished.