Adding insurance comparison to your website

You can make your website more dynamic by adding an insurance comparison tool. It will also help with your SEO.

You can have all your forms integrated to your website for years, now you can also have insurance (OSHC). We made it as easy as possible for you to have the same tool as you see on EduLink or on your website.


How to put the insurance comparison in your website

Head to "Marketing" then "Website" and click on "Integrate to website" at the top-right corner. Put the information EduLink requires and then you will see the button "Embed". The code will be copied to your clipboard automatically and looks like the one below.

<!-- Start of EducationLink widget -->
<education-link-insurance apiKey="pk_prod_Tz7u56Bt7Q9ABvzJ3_hxs5YNHECbkbAH_QXwyG4ZvU2aCp5akFVcNkve1-Rls"></education-link-insurance>
<link href="" rel="preload" as="style">
<link href="" rel="preload" as="script">
<!-- End of EducationLink widget -->

Just copy and paste this code on your website.