Integrating with Hubspot Marketing

Integrate EducationLink with one of the most powerful inbound marketing and automation tools: Hubspot.

By their own words, Hubspot Marketing is:

Everything you need to launch effective marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer.

EducationLink will automatically sync all your students to and from Hubspot, the key benefit of using this add-on is:

  1. Leverage the powerful inbound and automation tools from Hubspot;
  2. Have the peace of mind of having both Hubspot and EducationLink with the same database of students;
  3. Create Workflows that change the behaviour of EducationLink and vice-versa;
  4. Integrate with Hubspot Forms and EducationLink;
  5. Track active marketing campaign to students via EducationLink and increase transparency across your agency;
  6. Integrate with Facebook Ads via Hubspot.

How does it work?

Every time you add or edit a student, EducationLink will sync this student to your Hubspot account. The fields that will be synced can be chosen by you when you activate the add-on.

How to activate the Hubspot add-on?

Log in to your EducationLink account (to learn how to login, access How to login into EducationLink?), and go to your "Organization settings": hover the mouse over your picture and then click in the first link "Organization settings", then click in "Add-ons", find the Hubspot add-on and click in "Activate".

Are there any fees for using Hubspot?

Yes. To check Hubspot pricing, click here. EducationLink also has a recurring monthly fee to use Hubspot.

How to follow if Hubspot add-on is really working?

Check your Hubspot CRM account for students that you add or edit on EducationLink and vice-versa.

You can also follow the status of each student sync at any time by going to our "Hubspot log" page. You can find it by clicking in the "Marketing" section in the main menu.