Integrating EducationLink with Mailchimp

EducationLink and Mailchimp working together is the key for email marketing automation for your students

On their own words, MailChimp is:

MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform for small business. We democratize cutting-edge marketing technology for small businesses, creating innovative products that empower our customers to grow.

EducationLink integrates with Mailchimp by sending every student you have saved within EducationLink to your Mailchimp account, use this add-on if you want:

  1. Easily send email marketing;
  2. Send segmented and contextual email marketing (accordingly specific phase of their journey);
  3. Store all your students in an easy to use tool to send emails;
  4. Send recurring "Happy birthday" emails;
  5. Easily create beautiful emails and email marketing.

How does it work?

Every time you add or edit a student, EducationLink will sync this student to your Mailchimp account, to a specific list, we send the following data about the student to Mailchimp:

  • Birthday;
  • CRM Status (Lead, Qualified Lead, Client, etc);
  • Office;
  • Phone;
  • Country (e.g. BR, IT, US, AU, CO, etc);
  • EducationLink internal id;
  • Referral;
  • Tags;
  • Pipeline status;
  • Preferred language.
  • Up to 10 segments will be synced too (Segmenting your lead/student database).

This info is sent via merge tags, to learn more about how merge tags work on Mailchimp, check this Mailchimp's support article: All the Merge Tags Cheat Sheet.

How to activate the MailChimp add-on?

Log in to your EducationLink account (to learn how to login, access How to login into EducationLink?), and go to your "Organization settings": hover the mouse over your picture and then click in the first link "Organization settings", then click on "Add-ons", find the MailChimp add-on and click on "Activate".

Are there any fees for using Mailchimp?

MailChimp has a generous free tier, so you may not necessarily have to use it, to check Mailchimp pricing, click here. In case you can't use the free tier, you may have to pay to use it. EducationLink fees may also apply, as the load in our servers is increased.

What is the API key EducationLink requires?

An API key is a special password (not your own password) two systems can use to communicate between themselves. EducationLink uses this mechanism to sync your students. You will have to generate an API key in your MailChimp account. The following Mailchimp's article to learn how to do that: About API Keys.

As soon as you have your API keys in hand, paste it on EducationLink, otherwise the syncing of students will not work.

How to follow if Mailchimp add-on is really working?

As soon as you activate the MailChimp add-on, EducationLink will start syncing all your students, and this may take some time. Check your Mailchimp account for a new list called "Students". This is the list EducationLink will create automatically to store all your students.

You can also follow the progress at any time by going to our "Mailchimp log" page. You can find it by clicking on the "Marketing" section in the main menu.