Managing partial student payments

Sometimes the student may pay only part of what they were supposed to. Here you can learn more how EducationLink manages that.

The student may pay just partially a installment, but that does not mean EducationLink can't handle it. In this article we go a little bit more in-depth on how partial payments work and what are the consequences for your commission invoices.

Installments and payments

A installment is a receivable. Something the student has to pay. They may pay to your agency or to the provider (school, accommodation, etc). Regardless where they pay EducationLink will handle it accordingly, to read more about installments and how to handle payments check this article: Manage pending student and provider payments and installments.

What happens when the student pays less than what they should

Let's say the student should pay $1000, but they only have $500. What happens? How to make sure it's entered in EducationLink correctly so the accounting works the way it should?

Whenever you add a payment, EducationLink will automatically fill up with the total amount of the installment you choose. And from there you can manage how much the student paid, but the most important is: EducationLink understands that the payment made was smaller than the necessary.

How to create a partial payment?

To create a payment with less than what the student is supposed to pay to follow the same steps as above (Create payment receipts to students (PDF) or Manage pending student and provider payments and installments). Before you finish creating the payment, change how much the student actually paid.

That's it. EducationLink will await for the remaining amount to be paid.