Manage your agreements/contracts with colleges, accommodation providers and insurers

EducationLink is able to manage all your contracts and calculate your commission automatically.

When you add a sale, EducationLink will calculate your commission. When you create a commission invoice, EducationLink will use the commission previously calculated and will set the due date according to your contract with the college. When you paid a college, EducationLink will know if you can withhold commission or not.

Everything above is only possible because of "Agreements". In the "Agreements" section is possible to set the details of your agreement with schools, colleges, universities and any other service provider.

What is an agreement or contract?

EducationLink considers an agreement (or contract) the accord between you and any service provider. You as "agency" sell their services and get a commission in exchange for it. Therefore, any type of contract that involved commissioning can be entered into EducationLink, e.g. accommodation and insurance.

Importing a spreadsheet with the list of your agreements (adding many at once)

You can import your agreements from a CSV or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) file into EducationLink. EducationLink will go through every single line of your spreadsheet and will attempt to import it for you, for more information, check our article Adding many agreements at once.

Managing agreements

To add, edit or remove an agreement, hover the mouse over your picture, then click in "Agreements/contracts". EducationLink will open the "Agreement list" page. This page will display all your agreements.

The categories "High commission", "Low commission", etc. are created automatically by EducationLink and are an easy way to determine the most important agreements/contracts you have. It's not possible to change these categories.


The commission rate for new sale and for visa renew

To support agencies across the whole globe, we have the option of setting a commission for new sales and for visa renew.

The difference is simple: if the student is renewing their visa, EducationLink will calculate the commission used the "visa renew" rate, instead of a new sale.

In case you don't have this type of agreement, you can leave this field blank.

Different commission by office

By having different offices within EducationLink, it's possible to better organize your students, users, and also agreements. If you have different commission depending on your office e.g. European office has 15% commission, the Canadian office has 30%, you can set the commission rates on EducationLink.


Uploading your contract (in PDF)

In case you want to store your contract within EducationLink, that's possible. On the same page where you can edit your commission when clicking on "Show documents" EducationLink will allow you to upload documents in PDF.

EducationLink integrates with colleges, in case you want to have the college accessing this document, you can mark it as visible to the "Ed. provider".

The different commission per product (course)

Sometimes colleges may offer different commission based on the product type (e.g. English or bachelor) or for specific products special rates.

To make sure EducationLink always calculates the commission accordingly to your contract you can set different commission rates for every product of the college/university. You can fill up only the commission of the product (course) that you want to have a different commission.